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Thursday, September 29, 2005


cc: buzzzz
t: bolo
cc: r u proud
t: proud of what
cc: proud to be whatever you profess to be
t: guess more thankful than proud to be alive...breathin'...aware...unlike them insecuristas
cc: insecuristas?
t: gimme 2? let me look for it and paste it here:
insecurista n: singular
a person who displays one or more of the following symptoms:
a person who is insecure about his/her world view, mental outlook, physical self, who froth easily, provoke unnecessarily, have deep seated complexes camouflaged with righteous indignation, think s/he knows the value of everything when in reality s/he knows only the price, henpecked, in lousy relationships with their spouse and children, and a menace and a danger to themselves if left untreated e.g. most abdul-hates
cc: perplexing... how can anyone survive with so much insecurity and hatred
t: spreading their misery all around:) ... beginning at home, office, city...
cc: i have an aversion to anyone who is not modest
t: ...there ...u just about eliminated most desi males:)
cc: serious!...i know so many very talented people...and the common thing i find is the more talented they are the more modest and humble they are...
t: a variation
cc: variation?
t:... of the less one knows the hotter one gets...the more one knows the humbler one gets
cc: yes O wise one
t: yeh kis say bat kar rahi ho?
cc: aap say
t:.. then cut the crap pls.
cc: :)
t: sunil dutt died
cc: ismail merchant too
t: did ur mother teach you to speak ill of the dead ?
cc: u referring to that insecurista abdul hate?...the one who called ismail a muslim and then abused him on UP?
t: he almost did it once b4...when malika pukhraj died...he baited me...i declined and he acknowledged his mistake re: speaking ill of the dead
cc: the depth of degradation
t: that is why i say my God and my Muhammed (saw) is not the same as his...and it burn his pseudo self no end;)
cc: yeah that proud me – proud u fallacy
t: we are all God's children
cc: ignore him...let him rot in his hell
t: chalo bhago:)


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