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Thursday, September 29, 2005

IMs on reasoning and praying

cc: busy ho
t: nahin bolo
cc: why r some people so hateful
t: traumatic psychosis
cc: leading to neurosis?
t: sometimes
cc: is it genetic?
t: hmmm...dunno for sure...could be acquired...could be programmed
cc: hmmmm...that explains it
t: explains what?
cc: reasoning with them
t: why would u be reasoning?...cross the street and move on
cc: my programming :)
t: :)…you are programmed to talk to stone sculptures
cc: hey don't go there...u have ur stone cube too
t: good point:)...tho to be fair i meant the laughing buddha statue on ur coffee table
cc: badmash
t: :)
cc: so reasoning is futile
t: reasoning is not futile...praying is
cc: will come to praying reasoning can work
t: hard work...the blinkers on their minds are set with crazy glue...
cc: but nothing is impossible
t: :)
cc: why r u smiling
t: how long a list u want?..of people u cannot reason with?
cc: ok what about praying
t: praying? cricket and kashmir
cc: cricket and kashmir?
t: yup, millions pray for a victory;)
cc: :) have a nice long victoria weekend
t: will survive:)


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