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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

how did you propose? asked my son

what words did i use?
the power of words
the magic that transports
to the caves in the desert
tumbling the crest of waves
in a sealed ship with species
in the tundra with moving mountains
at dusk in the battleground
now full of whimpers, whispers and red
long past the dawn's bravado
when the opponents eyeballed
full of regurgitated beliefs., fired
in the invincibility of their swords
the cloaked lady with the lamp
tending tirelessly
abel and cain killing
again and again and ...
the kufans, the nazis, the punjabis

must stop here, even today
the injustices and savagery
everywhere is unsettling so

son, there were no words
written or spoken
just a glint in the eyes
that said it all
sans words


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