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Thursday, September 29, 2005

clean kitchen

...the kitchen is sparkling clean:) significant half is away for the i was up early after a restless troubled night...fetched the weekend paper from the door...and in a timed frenzy of multi-tasking i put the toast in the toaster, water in the kettle, whipped eggs and turned up the heat for the pan, added some salt and pepper and retrieved a cheese slice...then i started thinking about some words to compose...and then mind drifted to zehra's pill piece...and the reaction of some desi men...and yes...was reminded of ammi saying 'beta her kaam dhiyaan say kya karo'...

...but wait!...between my description of the kitchen activities and recollection of ammi's saying there was a cyber interruption...something spilled over and some things got burnt...because my mind was busy elsewhere...khair...pyar or the fear of the pyar is a sufficiently strong motivation or deterrent (shrug) that i forgot the verse and starting cleaning up after the er...happenstance...we do not want to leave any evidence for the mistress of the kitchen...she can be very unkind sometimes:)... friends, i did feed myself and left the kitchen sparkling clean in the aftermath:)

...(sigh)...chalo aaj ka din aur shub bhee guzar ja'aye gi


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