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Thursday, September 29, 2005

chalaak, cute, crazy

part I
cc: did you find your voice
t: no, but N lost his voice;)
cc: he has a voice, aren't u a tad jealous?
t: bzzz, tweet tweet, meow, peep peep, moo, caw, cuckoo, arf or woof, hee-haw, coo, quack quack, ribbit, honk, cackle, neigh, roar, squeak, oink oink, bleat, howl ...these are voices:)
cc: u r not kind to marques, eliot, desani, mahfouz
t: how can u even compare them to N?...yes am not kind, charitable
cc: charitable?
t: by withholding my comments
cc: you censor urself?
t: sometimes:)...when someone abuses talent
cc: what would u have said?
t: dysfunctional word groupings groping to act as a dysfunctional story written by a dysfunctional writer at a dysfunctional and highly under the influence period of his dysfunctional life vainly exposing the dysfunctionality of living under the dysfunctional minarets in a dysfunctional country occupied by a dysfunctional army-mullah conundrum over a dysfunctional bleeting populace:)
cc: wow, what does that mean?
t: ask H
cc: he loves him
t: that is why u should ask him:)


part II
cc: knock knock
t: brb
cc: just a quick baat
t: bolo
cc: can I borrow that dysfunctional baat?
t: depends – as long as am not involved
cc: no I want to use it on the dusk thread with minor changes
t: hmmmm…all of them will gun 4 u;)
cc: I can manage the event
t: chalak chohkeri!
cc: cute chowki:)
t: crazy chowkie
cc: get it copyrighted
t: like the valve?
cc: like the valve...gtg...thanks

part III
t: you haven't used dysfunctional on that board yet
cc: been thinking
t: don't do's early
!@#$^%&%&^*^+_))(*&&&...(garbled message)
t: you okay
cc: u don't have to be so cruel this early
t: sowee...rah? (does that mean i can be cruel later?)
cc: ozer needs a valve job more than the amended dysfunctional quote
t: is that a pre or post beejay realisation?
cc: pre...on the first board the impression of 'managing the event'
t: but he is an event manager!
cc: i think ozer is kardesh/salim
t: u think so?
cc: wait
t: churchillian!
cc: churchill?
t: '...time'll tell...'
cc: no... call it a strong feminine hunch
t: oh that…oos bus kay aagay tO hum sub bay-bus haiN
cc: fem-hunch is not a bus
t: theek hay...laikin humlog to bay-bus haiN na
cc: am outta here, cya l8r

part IV
cc: knock knock
t: bolo:)
cc: amrita thinks ozer has a voice
t: (yawn) haven't we been over this recently
cc: i forgot...spare me the list...(he was about to go on that tangent...oink oink)
t: (samajhdar ho:)...not a serious query?
cc: (oho something serious descending)...
t: does arundathi roy have a voice?
cc: yes
t: a literary voice based on a solitary book?
cc: she has written essays
t: yes...let me rephrase...100 years from today...what would they be saying about her?
cc: 100 years from today i'd be dead
t: (jawab hee nahin hay)
cc: (kal ka kis ko pata)
t: conjectures?
cc: based on one book...she would be dead meat:)
t: agree...she would be lost in a host of talented writers
cc: who do you think would be kicking?
t: hard to say... i'd be dead too;)
cc: chalak badmash:)
t: :)
cc: voice!
t: style!
cc: voice!
t: style is all i can concede...voice is an assignation by others on the deceased...mostly;)
cc: gtg
t: bye


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