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Thursday, September 29, 2005

bs & aj

cc: u there
t: momento?
cc: read bs?
t: that nt fellow's?
cc: no not that bs
t: phir kaunsi?
cc: bina shah
t: binoo?...nah...let me check it out
cc: here
t: shandy
cc: what is shandana got to do with this?
t: nothing
cc: then why you mentioned her?
t: hmmm...why?...perhaps there is a linkage somewhere...or the wires are crossed;)
cc: ah, you mean when bina shah writes on main page shandana follows soon
t: tum chalaak ho
cc: what do you think of angelina?
t: i don't know much about her
cc: always obfuscating
t: always truthful
cc: chalo jhootay
t: :) gtg


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