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Monday, August 29, 2005

wedding photos of psalim and psalma

Comrade Asimov Hyatinsky # 19:


Ba'ad adab guzarish hai kay raqim chotay 't' walay qabilay say hay. Is qabilay ka silsila oos daur say milta hay jub insaan insaan tha aur musulman musulman -- na woh sunni thaa na shia --na hanafi thaa na shafii na.... ummeed hay aap humara matlab samajh rahaiN haiN.


t as in r-s-t-u-v- waghera waghera

PS: Aap ki un-likhi farmaish par ik aur post-post script haazir hay! Moucho gracias for 'supplying' the 'full-toss' when you mentioned....."The last wedding reception that i vaguely remember attending was almost 5 years ago, in Lahore. They say one does not remember one's own wedding so well. Perhaps, that's why the wedding video philosophy is so popular such that the groom's memory can be jogged." Chalo, bhayee, aap paanch saal maiN hee bhul rahaiN haiN --- ya bhool rahay thay --- lakin kum-bakht video aap ko bhoolnay nahiN deta hay. But to be honest even if you want to forget the zaalim zamana would not let you forget it ---once you cross the barrier --- the presence of the wedding band --- the absence of it on the finger --- the genetic finger print carriers that may result from any such encounters --- no, change that to unmitigated fiascos --- encounters still have a pleasant ring to it in my ears --- so these off-springs or 'issues' as an old timer once enquired of me --- much to my perplexity then --- are a constant reminders of things that could have gone right --- even brother hamidm occasionally and rather wistfully reminds us --- and then much before the advent of these cyber links, the globe was wired through some inexplicable cosmic connection --- one bites the bullet --- and all your friends in the small black book on the other side of the globe get a loud, buzzing beeper --- at least that is what I felt --- but mother time has dulled the pain --- for me --- so take heart --- ignore the video and listen to the heartbeat --- look for the magic through the mental eyes --- they are more disconcerting and unforgiving --- and helpful ---oh--- I almost forgot --- these wedding videos are an international consipracy by pharmaceutical conglomerates to help increase the sale of aspirin, tylenol etc.--- (Chowk Editor: surely you didn't think I would go on a personal rampage in this valuable space reserved for Globalisation? I mean -- come on -- I could not be that irresponsible? Mostly, you say? What do you mean? okay, okay I may have slipped the odd time --- but wait -- let us hear from urstruly --kiyouN bhayee kiya yeh aap kay mazmoon kay saath ziyadti ho rahi hay?--- ummeed hay aap such say kabhi kabhi parhaiz kartay hoNgay --- tou janab, if there were no wedding videos where the people don't talk and Bollywood songs scream at full throttle -- where you learn unwanted details about the video-grapher --- and the way bride and the groom spell their names Psalim and Psalma --- so --- if there were no wedding videos how could unsuspecting and often gullible people like you and me would have to endure 1: the rushes (all five 120 min. tapes) 2: The edited version (2x120 min and that is Mehndi and Nikah only) and finally 3: the edited version TWICE with the sound added --- twice becasue the first time invariably some important family elder was in coma and couldn't make it to the 'screening' -- can you imagine how much I have contributed alone to the bottom line of these multi-nationals? ---- I almost gave up my religion and started looking for a religion that bans these videos -- or perhaps forbids glorification of all legal, illegal, moral, immoral, ethical unethical pleasurable or painful sexual contacts --- now that is a subject out of context for the present -- so until next time -- as ferozk says -- ciao.


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