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Sunday, August 28, 2005

speaking slowly


patience is a family forte
so i will say again
loudly for you to gain
am no critic
so what am i doing here?
expressing my views

sorry to have missed the other names
but you are knowlegdable
farsighted with acumen
in short a boy wonder, a genius
am proud
you know the price of everything
and once you know their value too
will be more proud of you

and this is not a poem
am speaking s l o w l y


(still talking s l o w l y)

sometimes less is more

despite many posts and name droppings
you still know the price
but know not the value

you do not have anything
to make me an offer or deal

this is what i will
voluntarily concede
I will refrain from commenting
on your creative submissions

with others
time and interest permitting
i will interact as before


The whole debate started out between me and temporal (who actually thought what I had written was good) . I challenged him on that. - romair

speaking s l o w l y
and c l e a r l y
the above hogwash
is best described
by the following;)

(the proof pudding
is in #1)

* * *


foul abramis
canine anthemis
apollo's twin artemis
finns' cheremis
edible cucumis
leafy inermis
nile pyarimis
rural tamis
just themis

and all of above
hitting the vermis


ps: disclaimer: when i started off writing the mis part it had a purpose...that soon got over taken by the simple pleasure of reverse alliteration...pls. forgive!


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