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Monday, August 29, 2005

love-in in the shadows: hollow grin meets weak knees

vajapayee musharraf agra meet

love-in in the shadows: hollow grin meets weak knees

where is the pit in the stomach
where this unease is supposed to be?

believers of this god or that idol
play with lives innocent
death a provocation
a proclamation to the world
death merely a tool as life gasps
a press release is faxed

would lose out if peace prevails
these believers from ganges, indus
hence this unease
like the eve of the other meets past
in innocent blood spills I fear

on this eve of the love-in
in the shadows of marble arches
tough hollow grin meets
determined weak knees

smiles and hand shakes and pats galore
beaming and beamed in space
from under the shadows of monument

there will be agreements aplenty
promoting peace and friendship
and promises will be made
to keep, to placate, to break
but will it help where it is needed?

will they build more latrines
yes, dignity of the common man
matters with me


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