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Sunday, August 28, 2005

lament/shikwa II


as god (you remember my god smiles?)
showed adam the door,
said leave, leave for your temporal abode
adam, the first poet, had he published
am sure would have opted for temporal
as his pseudonym,
am not sure, am positive he would be
the first temporal!

...and so on and on...

therefore my dear cute chowk editors
and janab khamkwa
confess i to be temporal bin temp
or temporal bin temporal bin temp
or temporal bin temp bin tempu bin...
or simply temporal, sweet and short.

shukria, urstruly, cmp99,
veeresh, Jawahara, Ana, afrasiyab,
nasah, nazar, Ras, aamir, shandy,
Ahmedzai, kashaziz and others
a big fat thanks....

and you! do not fume
will write, call, sing, dance, shortly
demarcation is a must
'cause my god smiles always
while their god breathes fire and rage.


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