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Sunday, August 28, 2005

karachi of old


I really enjoyed your from the same karachi and have somewhat similar fact I did a series on Karachi some years back...on what used to a precursor of the present 'unplugged' section...

some digressions:

--show me a city unchanged in the last 25 years and I will show you moenjo daro

--this writer (shahzad) has every right to reminisce about his past as he choses…if he was born with a silver spoon and if he choses to mention that I see nothing wrong...

-- looks good...just had a cursory look…will check out later in detail...somebody who intends to retire back in Karachi asked me about volunteering time there...after i have checked it out might recommend this to him...

--all cities have 'other' sides of the track or river…the poor bustees and the enclaves for the rich…in third world countries such divides are more pronounced…

--the real Karachi--keamari (an island really)...khara and meetha dars, (mahim maher did couple of excellent articles on them)...garikhata and pakistan chowk areas and the upscale old garden and jamshed road colonies (aamil colony, sindhi colony)...

--things that can be added if this is expanded and revised:

*pidc pan wallah
*grand hotel in malir
*dhabeji falls
*the still functioning mandirs (opp. Kmc, two in solider bazaar area, one near islamia college, at the foot of native jetty, Clifton)
*the synagogue at lawrence road, ranchor lines
*the zoroatrian temple, and across from it adam sumar's bakery ( and the ford model T)
*the talpur fort at manora island (a rather well kept secret: mainly because pak navy controls the island)
*the old aero club on country club road (now engulfed by various gulshans)


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