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Sunday, August 28, 2005

He has not changed / woh nahin badla

He has not changed

sadly mistaken are you
He is the same as always

perhaps even He
could not change Himself ---
but that is another debate

we can change the course of a river
a mosque here, a temple there
love for hatred, hatred for love

peek intently it is we
who have changed...!

woh nahin badla

m'ray hamdum, m'ray dost
ghalat feh'mee hay shadeed
woh tou woh-hee hay
badla kahaaN woh?

shayad khood ko bhee
woh bad'l na sakhay ---
woh a'lug behas hay

darya kay rookh ko
musjid o mandir ko
pyar ko, nafrat ko
badla ja sakhta hay

jhanko ghaure say
dilouN maiN


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