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Sunday, August 28, 2005

god and china


...for what it is worth...…you are not getting senile...…just old! all of day at a time....except....(ho ho ho....won't even venture near there;)

…as for this poem...will let the poet do the talking if he feels up to it...i can only share two anecdotes:

1:...(yes, it must be age) forget whether it was ezra pound or robert frost...after a session with university students one bright fellow picked out an obscure poem of theirs and wanted the poet to elaborate...the poet deliberated for a few moments then said. "son, when I wrote it only two people knew what it only the lord knows the meaning"

2:...when Nixon arrived at the great wall on his breakthrough mission to china, little school children greeting his motorcade and presented flowers...not one to miss a photo-op Nixon launched into a long reminisce about when he was young growing up in california...took him about 15 minutes to finish off his impromptu narration...all this while the Chinese "interpreter" was listening intently without taking any notes...after Nixon finished his narration the chinese interpreter spoke a few sentences to the children and they all burst into applause...

...intrigued nixon later asked his american interpreter to reinterpret the Chinese interpreter word for word... this is what he said "the great and honourable president of the united states of America has told you a great story about his childhood...please applaud loudly" my dear hamidm…oh never mind!


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