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Sunday, August 28, 2005

for bina


let's leave God out of here
he is neither here, nor there
(just everywhere)
what do you know about pain?
which pain survives for how long?
which pain outlasts ashes, dust?
my ache for the other karbala
is that real or dogma induced?
in a year or two, or ten
your pain will faint away
fade away, and if i were to ask
you will have to search the archives



a clarification
no! make it an apology
upon reflection
i do appear to be unfair to bina
to have singled out only her
did not mean the way i did
should have known, indeed do know
her sensitive side

will blame my exuberant skeptic self
for the faux pas
meant to express this cynically:
we tend to forget pain and suffering
---time, distance, memory, closeness
they all contribute to dull and dilute
visceral pain

hope you forgive, friend.


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