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Monday, August 29, 2005

a few words on love for ss

who among us has the courage to love?

love? ain't that rare as sincerity?
love? ain't that rare as...well, courage?
courage? as in telling it like it is?
courage? as in courage of conviction?

we love to babble gabble
till the chickens come home...
me, mine, i and a period
with an all-encompassing finality

and of course we love distant shores
far away idols, bustees we left behind
memories of memories ensconced
or rotting - little do we know

surely we're no cowards
so what if we sit here
and criticize this person, that leader
governments in power, leaders in exile
anyone disagreeing with our truths

it's all in courage, it's all in courage
i keep hearing voices tell me
it's all in courage sans conviction


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