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Sunday, August 28, 2005

branding game

The New Raj: or Classic Colonialism

as an outcome of their decades old bi-polar approach to decision making the military-industry-business triumvirate in the US cannot function without a real or imagined enemy in their gun sights...please consider this:

--when that enemy is not there...or when the enemy has weakened or fallen or turned less hostile it is time to take a fix at another enemy...

--without this perceived opponent their motivation and rationale dies out...the academicians cannot churn our papers and studies to create a climate of distrust and hate to inflate an opponent...

--using those studies the big business cannot sell mega-projects to the congress...without the 'public' opinion and 'public' pressure that is thus created the congress cannot pass multi-billion dollar budgets to sustain the greed and hunger of the big business

--and the white house? is just a pawn… the Great the game...nothing more, nothing less…the intelligence of the Great Leader is could have a talking inflated balloon long as the white house aides do their homework;)

(apologise: this is getting longer!)

now...surprise surprise...we live in a uni-polar world...the US military-industry-business conditioned to live and thrive in a bi-polar world need to create an enemy...enters a pious looking Osama...real, imagined or 'created'… and comes 9/11…the rest is the Mother of All Deceptions…the marketing of the brand-name Al drive fear in the collective psyche of the West…with its attendant fall-out in the East...where some actually revere him...

...the 'fringe' groups...the fundos of the west are equally as bad as they have built al qaeda to be...but as you hinted they are local and with connections in media and politics...they can get away with it all... final thought...

...this is not a war between Christianity and Islam...get this right please...this war and any subsequent wars it nurtures are to use a cliche a war between the Have and the Have-nots...between the West and the RoW...between North and South...and yes, this is the New Raj...though classic old Colonialism.


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