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Sunday, August 28, 2005

attitudes - here and there


i forget who mentioned here that when their daughter is a certain age they would return is my take:

two/three years back...i had a informal seminar-interview session with the students of Islamic Studies Dept at KU...(that's another story)...and another one at an 'art' school in defence…students were 16-22 years of both sexes...the format in both places was similar...i would ask questions, they would identify themselves and answer my question...

at this art school...every question i asked the students the principal sahib would answer instead...and in one of his responses he drew a line....'us vs. them'...he opined that here in the west the students were immoral, used some point i pointedly asked him to shut up and let the students answer me questions...and in response to principal saheb's tirade i asked the students if they were aware of what goes on in the west...yes in a chorus they replied...

then after more prodding one student said...'Sir, everything that goes on there goes on here.'...the principal saheb's jaw dropped..."our parent's do not know most of it...let me give you an innocent example...if there is a jam session here...all of us would attend...but nobody would mention it is jam session or a dance session...we would just say there is a lecture at the school...'

recall what i wrote about elaichi in an earlier post?

sex, drugs, immorality is as much prevalent in today's kids there as here...with one stark difference...over here there are well publicized programs by the school boards and cities and municipalities and tv channels promoting drug awareness, drug abuse, unwanted pregnancies etc....over there... elaichi....


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